Thailand Girls; local differences

The Thailand girls from the main tourist & expat locations of the kingdom are not all the same; there are some differences that are worth knowing about before deciding on where to head off to. I’m not talking about the differences between rural girls and city girls, I’ve covered that already on this page; I’m talking about differences in the physical appearance of the girls.

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On top of that, there are widely varying differences in the lifestyle and the cost of living in Thailand, so this should also have an impact on your decision regarding which ladies to get romantically attached to.

Overall, the cost of living in Thailand is very low compared to Western countries and Thailand girls are generally adept at stretching their incomes to find bargains. This will depend a lot on the social class of the particular ladies that you might want to get involved with, but I won’t be writing about that either since, once again, I’ve already covered it on the page linked to above.

If you are in the fortunate position of being able to relocate to Thailand, either for retirement or business purposes, then you might want to know a little about the various destinations and local ladies that you’ll come across in your new home – so I’m using this section of the site to talk about that. It’s not intended just for the long-term visitors though, far from it, most of what I write here is equally important for tourists. The sort of holiday that you’ll have in Thailand varies wildly with the destination that you choose; just as there is wide variation in the Thailand girls that you’ll meet in those destinations.

Beer Bars in Pattaya

General safety regarding the different destinations in Thailand is also something that I’ve not really covered in other sections of the site and, where I personally feel that it is something to consider, I’ve mentioned it in the articles below. To put your mind at ease in this regard, I believe Thailand to be a very safe place to visit in most regards, and safer still if you are aware of any potential issues that might be of concern…

Cost of Living in Thailand

Getting back to the cost of living in Thailand; for some specific local guidance, have a look at the relevant reports that I’ve linked to at the end of the page – they will give an idea of what to expect as well as further links to the best online resource for comparing the cost of living in different cities (not just within Thailand but throughout the world.) If you just want to see some overall stats for Thailand, as regards expenses, click here: Cost of living in Thailand.

You’ll also find some crime and safety reports via the link that you’ll be able to fiddle around with to compare one area with another. Take them with a degree of scepticism; I’ve lived in Pattaya and spent countless nights wandering the streets alone with no trouble whatsoever, so don’t go thinking that it is a bad choice for a holiday just because the figures look bad. Just to put this into context, I did a comparison of Pattaya (Thailand) and Damascus (Syria); Pattaya came out worse despite the ongoing civil war in Syria! Comparing Pattaya within Thailand, for example to Koh Samui, might lead you to think that the latter is a safer option, but I’d argue that the opposite is true…

Regardless of the reliability of the crime & safety stats provided via the link, the cost of living stats are reliable and they provide good news for anyone looking for a cheaper way of life. The local Thailand girls in each area will be able to help you to stretch your money even further if you choose your girlfriend wisely – see my advice on this in my free Thai Dating eBook.

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Insider Knowledge

Thailand Girls; my thoughts on local ladies and destinations

Pattaya Girls – the lovely sirens of Thailand’s sin city are as welcoming and plentiful as they are untrustworthy! They’re not untrustworthy on a short-term basis and they are, in fact, very good company to be around. They are fun-loving girls and you’ll be hard pressed not to have a great time with them, but short-term fun is the order of the day. I wouldn’t advise anyone to accept the unnecessary extra risks posed by these ladies in terms of lasting relationships, because they hardly ever work out.

Bangkok Girls – if Pattaya is my top tip for short term fun with Thailand girls, Bangkok has to be my top tip for finding a serious long-term girlfriend. There are exceptions to that though, the tourist focused nightlife areas of the city are definitely not the right stomping grounds for finding true love! The big selling point about Bangkok is that it is home to a large section of online girls, meaning that you can use the Thai dating sites to their best effect here. Arranging meetings with online girls is simple and it will all be on your doorstep, so there’s no need for unnecessary time and expense travelling to far off places.

Phuket Girls – I’ve always liked Phuket and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. It is arguably the most beautiful destination in Thailand with some truly world class beaches. It offers a little of everything; excellent nightlife in Patong, peace and serenity in quieter beach resorts, and a taste of Thai culture in the main administrative town. The girls also come in a wide variety, with short term fun available in Patong, and the chance to meet a more suitable long-term partner in the main town centre. Prices vary quite a lot and some things are expensive whilst others are really cheap. Basically, you can live a quiet frugal life, or you can live it up with the big-spenders here.

Chiang Mai Girls – this northern city is something of an acquired taste. The local expats speak very highly of it and it will certainly appeal to some westerners. The city is home to two things of note; the tallest, fairest skinned Thailand girls in the kingdom… and the lowest cost of living that you’re likely to find in any place with a decent level of development. I suppose I should add a third point of note in that it is also home to some lush mountainous areas with stunning waterfalls, impressive temples, curious hill-tribes, elephant treks and so on.

Koh Samui Girls – my thoughts on the second largest Thai island are a little different to its rival Phuket. It doesn’t appeal much to me personally but I’ve tried to give it a fair review. The visitors that it attracts tend to be the younger generation of backpackers, and the older generation of wealthy couples. There are some nightlife hotspots, but nothing like as good as Phuket’s Patong (let alone Pattaya’s vast array of nightlife attractions). The island is less developed and the development that does exist is more of the low-rise variety than you find elsewhere. As far as Thailand girls go on the island, your options are much more limited.

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