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Jan 17, 2017

A True Thai Girl Story; The Waitress...

In this Thai girl story, a friendship is struck between an American man and a Thai lady, and bad behaviour soon follows...

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Jan 10, 2017

Crazy Thai Women; how to handle them

We’ve all heard stories about crazy Thai women and their antics, but sometimes we westerners can provoke actions that could easily be avoided…

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Jan 03, 2017

PDA in Thailand (public displays of affection)

PDA in Thailand, i.e. public displays of affection, are usually considered a bit distasteful once you step outside the popular tourist areas…

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Dec 24, 2016

How to Behave in Thailand in Public

Knowing how to behave in Thailand when in public is useful if you want to impress the locals. Click here for advice on some must-understand concepts.

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Dec 10, 2016

Pattaya Property Options; the best investments

The Pattaya property market, in my opinion, offers the best opportunity for westerners to make a profitable long-term investment, and here’s why…

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Dec 10, 2016

Pattaya Condos for Sale

When searching out Pattaya condos for sale it pays to do your research well, it turns out that there are some properties that offer much better terms…

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Dec 10, 2016

Houses for sale in Pattaya, Thailand

Houses for sale in Pattaya are not my recommended investment tip, but there is a good way to invest sensibly and live in the house of your dreams…

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Dec 10, 2016

Condos in Jomtien, Pattaya

The condos in Jomtien, Pattaya, often present the sensible foreign real estate investor with the best money-making opportunities in Thailand…

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Dec 10, 2016

Condos in Pattaya, Thailand

Not all condos in Pattaya are equal; one big dividing line relates to the location within the city, and it’s not just about proximity to the beach…

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Nov 24, 2016

Thailand Real Estate Investment; FREE eBook

For anyone involved in Thailand real estate investment, the rapid economic development of China and India makes the future look very bright...

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Nov 17, 2016

Buriram Girls in Pattaya, Thailand

Anyone familiar with Pattaya will know that there are lots of Buriram girls working there, and that they are not to be trusted...

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Nov 17, 2016

Koh Samui Girls & life on the island

Koh Samui girls tend to fall into two camps; those that were born on the island and those that have moved there for work in the growing tourism industry...

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Nov 17, 2016

Thailand Girls; local differences

Thailand girls from different areas of the country can differ a lot. They also come with different lifestyles were you to get romantically attached...

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Nov 05, 2016

Thai Girls Guru - Tips & Advice for Western Men

Dating Thai girls successfully absolutely 100% DEMANDS a working understanding of Thai values and customs; get yours here and let the good times roll!

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Oct 30, 2016

Living in Bangkok, Thailand

Living in Bangkok is an option that comes with all the benefits a major city, but at a lower cost, and with opportunities to meet some lovely ladies…

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