Filipina Women & Dating Realities

In terms of physical appearance, Filipina women come in many varieties. The country itself is very diverse and if you are a discerning gentlemen who is only interested in the most beautiful ladies, then you’ll have to look around a little to find them. It is well worth the search though; there are some Filipinas that are true stunners…

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A quick note about terms and approach: A Filipina is the term for a Philippine lady, and Pinay means the same but is a little less formal; for men the corresponding terms are Filipino and Pinoy. When approaching Filipina women with romantic intent, their Christian values generally lead them to value true-love most highly in a relationship. They are not quite as practical as Thai girls and financial concerns are less likely to weigh heavily on their minds. Most expats agree that flattery is a more effective tool in winning the hearts of Filipinas compared to Thai girls.

Probably the most popular region is Luzon in the north; the girls there tend to have tanned skin, more curvy figures than Thais and… well, larger breasts. They are regarded as being amongst the most beautiful Filipina women of all, at least in western eyes. Local Asian men seem to prefer the fairer skinned girls just as they do in Thailand. The capital city, Manila, and the popular naughty boy destination Angeles City, are both located in Luzon as are my two recommendations Baguio and Puerto Galera.

Visayan women, in the central area of the Philippines, often travel to the main tourist areas in the north so you will see plenty of them too. They are amongst the poorest people in the country and they tend to have paler skin and more slender bodies.

To the south is the predominantly Muslim region Mindanao; you’ll probably have less contact with these ladies… some countries advise against travel to this region on safety grounds. Kidnappings have been known to occur and general law & order is not the best.

This dish is called 'Balut'; they could've at least put some fries on the side...

Compared to Thailand, the Philippines is a little further to the south which means that it is closer to the equator and the climate is a little hotter. The heat may not be too much of a worry for most western men but I can assure you that you won’t like the humidity there. Even in Thailand it can be stifling; I’ve stepped out of the shower before into an air-conditioned room, dried myself completely and sprayed on liberal amounts of antiperspirant, put on some clean loose fitting shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops, and within 15 minutes of stepping outside I’ve found myself sweating badly enough for my clothes to stick to me!

You do get used to the humidity, but it isn’t nice. Happily, if you can find a lady in the Philippine city of Baguio, the climate there is much nicer due to the higher altitude. Like Chiang Mai in Thailand, Baguio is set in a mountainous region and it comes with some scenic beauty that adds a nice romantic backdrop to your amorous intentions.

When it comes to the food that Filipina women are likely to rustle up for you, there’s some bad news, it is salty and greasy and not good. Philippine food is widely rated amongst expats somewhere in the range of unpalatable and inedible. Your lady want see things this way, of course, they hold their national cuisine in some esteem.

I imagine that this is a common phenomenon across the world; English food doesn’t exactly draw the highest acclaim from experts in the international culinary community, but I think that most Englishmen quite like it. In any case, if the way to a man’s heart is via is stomach, I’m afraid that Filipina women are at a distinct disadvantage…

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Filipina Women; friendship & loyalty

One of the first things that western visitors notice with Thai girls is the endless smiles that you get wherever you go. Things are not so outwardly friendly with Filipina women but you shouldn’t be discouraged, smiles and friendliness are not the same. The Philippines has a different culture and is more western in this regard, they might not be so outwardly approachable, but they are just as friendly in their own way, and perhaps even more so if you are looking for a real quality friendship rather than something short-term and superficial.

The strong Catholic influence in the Philippines stems from the Spanish rule of the islands which spanned over 330 years and started in the 16th century i.e. just after the worst period of persecution by the Spanish inquisition. So I guess it goes without saying that Catholicism was taken very seriously at the time. It was, and it spread quickly. Now, given that most Filipina women are still devout Catholics to this day, you might expect that Christian values such as the sanctity of marriage, monogamy and so on would all feature prominently in their minds. The truth is that the realities and necessities of life have somewhat blurred these values just as it has in other poor Asian countries.

Care needs to be taken when choosing who to get seriously involved with. All of the dangers that exist with Thai girls in terms of getting stuck with a gold-digger are just as real in the Philippines. Filipina women might not be as practical as Thai women when combining matters of the heart with matters of financial necessity, but the poverty level here is even higher, and getting married to a westerner is the only feasible way out of it for many girls.

Jealousy and temper tantrums can also be an issue if your girl thinks that you have amorous intentions towards another girl – and other girls will make opportunities for you by slipping you their phone numbers and so on. If you are intending short-term fun then read my page about Filipina bar girls; for serious romance you should take plenty of time to get to know your girl before committing to anything serious.

Guru Note: There's a common misplaced confidence amongst many visitors that regular local ladies will fall over themselves to get into bed with a foreigner... Don't make a donkey of yourself! Help yourself out with a little:
Insider Knowledge

Due to the better English language skills, and relatively similar culture, you should have reasonably good instincts as to the virtues of Filipina women if you give yourself time to get to know them. In that regard there is extra safety in relationships with these girls, but only if you have the strength to act on your instincts rather than the words (possible lies) that you will hear.


Generally speaking, the cost of living in the Philippines is something like 25% lower than in Thailand, but that does not mean that the cost of holidaying there is any cheaper. In actual fact, it appears that the comparable cost of hotel accommodation is actually more expensive, and depending on your departure point I’m fairly certain that your flights won’t be any cheaper! Some of your other costs will be significantly lower though; according to my research the cost of a beer is not much more than half what it is in Thailand. Naughty boy expenses relating to Filipina women also appear to be marginally lower.

If a long-term visit is in your plans, the lower cost of living does come with other concerns that you might not have thought about. Infrastructure, healthcare and education (for those planning a family) are all well below the standards that you’ll find in Thailand. The pollution level in Manila is sky-high and air quality there is a concern; however, if Baguio is your preferred location then things are a little better there. Corruption and general safety is another concern and, in the Philippines, you will need to be a little more sensible than you would be in other parts of Asia. One piece of good news is that it is a very simple affair to arrange a long-stay visa.

Final thought:

If life in the Philippines does not appeal to you on a permanent basis, another piece of good news is that Filipina women tend to be much more predisposed than other Asian girls to want to live in a foreign land. So, taking a lady back to your own country is an option that you might want to explore.

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