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Thai Girls and Thai Dating

If the idea of dating Thai girls appeals to you then you are not alone. More and more men are looking eastwards for their romantic partners these days and with good reason; mainstream Thai attitudes towards westerners have improved a great deal in recent years.

Foreign investment has poured into the country, bringing with it a body of respectable western visitors on overseas work-contracts and so on, and this has stirred romantic curiosity levels amongst the ladies; even hi-society girls are starting to take an interest in us!

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Whatever your romantic interest in Thai girls is, you’ve landed on the right website. In the sections and pages that follow, you’ll find all the advice that you need to get started on your search for a romantic partner from the right side of the track, one that isn’t only interested in your money! What’s more…. all the information here is completely free. This is not a dating site in itself, so there are no subscription fees to pay.

In general, it is not really a good idea to jump straight into online dating unless you have some familiarity with Thai girls and the way they think and feel. Believe it or not, the vast majority of problems that occur with dating Thai ladies are due to cultural misunderstandings of one sort or another. You might assume that the language barrier is the biggest problem, but many of the online ladies have got a decent grasp of English, and most others can easily find an interpreter to help out.

Effective communication (not the same as language) is the key and that is where most Westerners fall short in their efforts; you don’t need to speak Thai and you don’t need your girl to speak English fluently (although a basic grasp of English is obviously a help), what you do need is some help to understand how Thai girls think and feel; and how these emotions differ to typical Western feelings and emotions in any given situation. I’ll give you my best advice on this along with lots of advice about finding a respectable lady, what to expect on a date, how to present yourself, how to impress, and above all, what not to do, not to write and not to say!

Thai Girls Gallery

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There is a significant culture shock for anyone that jumps straight into the unknown and starts dating Thai girls without first getting themselves familiar with the ways that things are done in Thailand, but it doesn’t really need to be a shock if you get yourself some preparation first.

If you don’t go prepared, you’re probably going to spend a lot of time saying the wrong things, doing the wrong things, meeting the wrong women, getting frustrated at things and generally feeling lost at sea, not knowing what is going on or where you’re headed!

The many cultural differences between Thailand and the western world arise due to religious, economic or social influences, and they do take some getting used to. I think that you’ll enjoy the different religious aspects because Buddhism is a very laid-back, tolerant faith. The economic differences are becoming a little less important and parts of Thailand, i.e. Bangkok, are highly developed in terms of infrastructure, healthcare, cuisine, and so on. Don’t be fooled by that though, poverty levels are still high for a large section of the population.

The social differences form the most common barrier to romantic success with Thai girls, but they all stem from good roots; respect for parents and older people, avoidance of confrontation, and maintaining face are the driving factors here and you’ll find that these cultural differences are quite common all across South East Asia. The challenges don’t end with cultural differences; there are quite a few other relationship issues that crop up when dating Thai girls and most are more of a personal nature than a cultural nature.

When opting for romance with Thai girls you’ll need to consider how to meet her in the first place, how to approach them, how to present yourself, where to go for a date and so on. Once you’re in a successful relationship you’ll need to think about where to live, Thailand or your homeland, and all the usual pros and cons associated with that.

Thailand sunsetSunset over Pattaya Bay, Thailand

If you are in a position to make Thailand your home on a permanent basis then you may or may not be interested in buying a property there. Be aware that there are a lot of rules and regulations surrounding property ownership in Thailand and that whilst the opportunity to make a lot of money from capital gains certainly exists, there are also some serious potential pitfalls to avoid.

Whilst Thailand is, unsurprisingly, my favourite country in the region, there are other countries in South East Asia with lots of women who would love to meet a western man, and you may well be wondering about the similarities and differences within the region. Everyone has their own preferences and I’m not going to tell you that Thailand is always and everywhere the best option for everyone; I actually prefer some aspects of the other countries myself, so I’m going to give you my thoughts on these alternatives too.

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Other Asian girls

I think that, as well as Thailand itself, the other main options that draw lots of westerners to their shores are the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia. These countries all have a lot to offer the typical western visitor and, as mentioned above, they have a lot of cultural similarities with Thailand, especially with regard to saving face, avoiding confrontation, and respect for parents and elders. As a quick rundown of the main differences and selling points across the region, with regard to romantic opportunities for westerners, here are my thoughts:

Filipina Women

Filipina Women – The first thing to note with these ladies is that communication is a lot easier than with Thai girls because English is so well spoken in the Philippines. Tagalog is the official language, but English is the second language and it is taught to children from an early age. There’s also a much smaller culture gap in terms of the state religion since it is a devout Christian country.

Catholicism reigns supreme here but beware, it is very strictly observed and it does have a huge impact on daily life. Divorce is virtually impossible, abortion is illegal regardless of circumstance, and even contraceptive use has been resisted by the church!

Despite this, the general consensus amongst western expats in the region is that Filipina girls are the easiest to form successful long-term relationships with due to the ease of communication and the smaller culture gap that exists. The short-term fun that can be enjoyed with girls in the bars is also well documented and in this regard the Philippines is second only to Thailand in the wider region. If you can handle the culinary options in the Philippines (widely regarded as the worst in the region) you can have a happy life here.

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Vietnamese Women

Vietnamese Women – If you tend to find yourself preferring the taller, fairer skinned, Asian girls then you really should be a happy camper in Vietnam because the women there fit that spec better than anywhere else in South East Asia. They are renowned for their beauty but they are not so easy to date on a casual basis compared to Thai girls, there are even laws which forbid Vietnamese women to be alone in a hotel room with a foreigner unless they are legally married!

The religious culture in Vietnam is similar to Thailand, both are Buddhist countries, and the people there are tolerant of differences. With that said, there is much less tolerance of the sort of nightlife shenanigans that Thailand is famous for, so if it is bar girls that you are looking for then you will be much happier in Thailand.

General education standards seem to be a little better than in Thailand and you’ll find it easier to hold an interesting debate or two – Viet people do want to avoid confrontation just as the Thais do, but they are not quite so ultra-resistant to expressing any sort of difference in opinion. In other regards the culture gap is wider and English is less well spoken. This will make it harder to form meaningful long-term romances, but it’s far from impossible once a girl knows that it is serious romance that you are interested in rather than a quick roll in the hay!

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Cambodian Women

Cambodian Women – At the current time I don’t really recommend Cambodia as a top place to go in search of the love of your life. That’s not to say that you can’t find any worthy ladies there, you certainly can, but the extent of the poverty problem in Cambodia is so extreme that, if you were to marry a local girl, you’ll almost certainly end up financing all sorts of needs for her extended family. That might not worry you if your finances are up to the challenge, but for most guys it will put a lot of extra strain on you.

The girls are extremely sweet, smaller in stature, and darker skinned. English is not well spoken outside the bar areas, and the culture gap is as wide as it gets between Asia and the West. Despite these negatives, I do like Cambodia as it is a very cheap place to live, there’s a good nightlife scene, and the food is good.

The country has had a poor reputation for crime and safety standards in years past, but things are much better these days and this shouldn’t be a concern for you.

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Malaysian Women

Malaysian Women – In Malaysia you will find a hotbed of cultural diversity. The ladies there are predominantly Muslim and it is rare for men from different cultures to have any romantic involvement with them. It is even rarer if you are not prepared to convert to Islam as this is usually an absolute requirement that a girl’s family will insist upon.

Most westerners that get romantically involved with Malaysian girls tend to do so with the Buddhist women of Chinese extraction. In this regard they are similar to Thai girls but in most other regards they are different. Malaysia is much richer than any of the other big countries in the region and they are much worldlier in their general knowledge and opinions. A simple rural life away from the trappings of a consumerist society is harder to find in Malaysia.

Despite the greater wealth of the nation, the cost of living is actually very reasonable, and there will be less expectation on you to provide financial help for family members were you to get involved with a local lady. Casual dating is rare though, and there is nothing that resembles the nightlife attractions you find in other countries.

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Indonesian Women

Indonesian Women – Indonesia is more of a mystery than other South East Asian countries as it is less well travelled. The ladies there are, as with Malaysia, culturally diverse but Islam is the dominant religion. As with Malaysia, this does make serious romance with Indonesian ladies a bit of a difficulty unless you are prepared to convert to Islam.

Surprisingly, casual dating is quite easy with the local ladies and in Jakarta especially you will have lots of interest from the fairer sex. Caucasian men are considered to be very attractive and it is not unusual for ladies to make the first move! These are not working girls either, they are regular local ladies that would like to experience some exotic Caucasian fruit!

For nightlife lovers, the most popular destination in Indonesia for western tourists is the Island of Bali. Bali is a bit different to the rest of Indonesia in that it is predominantly Hindu. The local ladies in Bali are very sweet and quite approachable, and you can have a lot of fun on the island.

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Thai girls & the nightlife scene

Let’s be absolutely clear, the Thai girls that work in the bars and clubs in the tourist focused parts of Thailand are a LOT of fun to be around. The Thai naughty nightlife is world renowned and it has long been a major draw for a lot of visitors. However, it is also responsible for a lot of the bad press that Thai girls receive as regards the relationships with foreign men that spring up from these illicit beginnings.

It is almost always a very bad idea to get involved in a serious relationship with a bar-girl, and the reasons as to why that is the case should be abundantly obvious to anyone who has visited the tourist destinations in Thailand. Whilst it may be obvious, it hasn’t stopped a lot of men from taking a chance!

First of all you should know that the Thai girls working in bars and clubs don’t tend to be bad people as such, they are more usually just people that are in a bad situation for one reason or another. They tend to have serious family problems that can only be solved by larger amounts of money than they are likely to earn in formal employment, and so they turn to prostitution.

Thai bar girlsThai bar girls, they're sexy but be careful!

Problems occur when westerners get too attached to these Thai girls and don their knight in shining armour suits. Whilst most men understand the follies of getting involved, many are often helpless to resist the temptation!

Places like Pattaya have frequently been described as being an adult fantasy land for men, and it’s a cap that fits perfectly. Everyone knows that the Thai girls working in tourist area bars are doing what they do because they need the money, but at the same time a significant proportion of male visitors end up convinced that their particular lady friend is different from all the rest and just needs a bit of help to save her from a life in the bars. If you’ve never experienced the tender romantic overtures of a committed bar girl then you really can’t imagine just how convincing they can be. It’s much easier to fall for this nonsense than you can imagine and many have done exactly that… and have the scars to prove it!

Thai bar girls are not all the same in their methods, and some are not interested in forming long-term relationships at all, whilst others are primarily hoping to find a long-term wealthy benefactor or two. It’s actually quite common for some girls to be involved with several western benefactors at any one time, with each of them completely unaware of the others, and each of them sending various amounts of support money to their girl each month from their home countries… and all whilst their bar girl sweetheart is secretly supporting a Thai boyfriend or husband!

The final word on bar girls has to be that, whilst a lot of fun can be had with short holiday romances, any sort of lasting romantic attachment is seriously risky and not recommended. For anyone that is looking for a lasting romance you really should build its foundations on stronger ground; and that brings me to the online opportunities for meeting regular Thai girls.

Online Thai dating opportunities

Before getting into the benefits of the online dating world, let me state that the best method of meeting the best Thai girls is to do it in person in Thailand.

Online Dating

Follow the simple tactics that I've set out for you to maximize your success with the ladies...

Online Dating Tips

If you are working in Thailand or on a long-term visit then the best advice I can offer is to try to work your way into the affections of a work colleague, or a friend of a friend, as it is these ladies that you can be most confident about in terms of their suitability for a lasting romance.

However, that isn’t much use to the majority of westerners who are reading this from distant lands, and it is for those men that I recommend online dating.

Since online dating is my most often recommended route for finding the right woman, it would be remiss of me to leave you without my best advice about how to make the most of the online opportunities out there.

Make no mistake; there are plenty of tricksters online that are looking for a wealthy benefactor, so I’ve written my online dating section to help shield you from these ladies, with tactics provided to help you find the good girls.

Some of the online sites themselves are scam operations too, so I’ve also carefully chosen the dating sites that I recommend in order to make absolutely certain that quality is assured.

Of course, not everyone who is interested in Thai dating is intending to find a wife and settle down; plenty of people are turning to online dating because it is a fun, simple way of meeting lots of people. In Thailand, the online dating opportunities for an average westerner are far more abundant than what you would find back home in the West; it really is very easy to meet Thai girls and arrange a date. If you are just looking to have some fun, Thailand offers you a chance to really indulge yourself!

Thai girl and western man

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